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FREISCHWIMMER - Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten

FREISCHWIMMER - Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten

My first inspiration was the German term ”Freischwimmer“ - literally a swimming certificate at elementary level - that came to my mind during my daily swimming routine last summer. I detected part of the figurative meaning of the term, which means that for me, it does not only refer to the certificate but also to freedom in its genuine sense because I felt free while enjoying swimming. And whereas the notion of the German word Freischwimmer had triggered off the association of freedom, the notion of freedom led to sort of chain reaction regarding playing with related words, both in their literal and their figurative meaning. Words such as “sich frei schwimmen” (to emancipate from sb. or sth.), “Freies Schwimmen” (i.e. everybody can join in), “gegen den Strom schwimmen” (to go against the flow, to resist conformity pressure), on the one hand, and expressions like “mitschwimmen”, “mit dem Strom schwimmen” (go with the flow, to uncritically conform to, to adapt) on the other hand, emerged in my mind. Further related phrases that occurred to me are, for example, “ins Schwimmen geraten” (to lose ground) and “jemandem schwimmen alle Felle weg” (one’s hopes are dashed), both implying the risk any developing process basically involves no matter whether we think of the developing society, the developing individual or of any creative process. By contrast, the term “swimmingly” characterizes the relief you feel when, nevertheless, the things turn out successful after all. by Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten Choreography by Tomekk Jaschinski Dancers and Models:: Maria Giovanna Delle Donne Hauke Martens Lene Rabe Leonie Türke Jolinus Marten Pape Tian Gao Luisa Fernanda Alfonso Kris Dao Nicholls Christina Elena Juliana Schulz Emma Geyer Emily Genius Tomekk Jaschinski Joana Frieske Fiona Wald Nina Reske video by WEDOVOODOO.TV filmed by Daniel van Hauten, Ben Graaf, Esrin Üsümüs, Pablo Carreras, Max Gerhard, Elisa Daniel, Edward Stubber. edited by Daniel van Hauten. Esrin Üsümüs music by: Clint Mansell - Welcome to Lunar Industries Thank you to: Fashionclash Festival Leonie Heise Follow us everywhere! "This WEDOVOODOO.TV production was based on fact. Any similarity with fictitious events or characters was purely coincidental."
Making of "The Parallel Pyramid Platform"

Making of "The Parallel Pyramid Platform"

Filmed and edited by Esrin Üsümüs Music by Subp Yao "The Parallel Pyramid Platform" is a highly aesthetic and witty game show in which sixteen contestants construct a gigantic pyramid shaped sculpture. Working with and against each other in order to make it to the top first. A film that explores the friction between the individual versus the collective. A never-ending universe in which, as the sculpture grows, blue becomes red and bodies become part of the pyramid. One can only replace the inevitable void by building. DIRECTOR Dennis Vanderbroeck DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Daniel van Hauten ART DIRECTION AND FASHION Emmanuel A. Ryngaert PRODUCER Alexander Eichner FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Milou van Duijnhoven SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Nora Ramakers CAMERA ASSISTANT Pablo Garrido Carreras GAFFER AND KEY GRIP Philip Thompson BEST BOY Pablo Garrido Carreras FILM EDITOR Daniel van Hauten SOUND DESIGN AND PRODUCTION SOUND MIXER Marc Mâhfoud LOCATION MANAGER Alexander Eichner LOCATION SCOUT Daniel van Hauten HAIR AND MAKE-UP Dominique Cordaro STYLING ASSISTANT Eva Pamfillie STILL PHOTOGRAPHY Joris Hilterman BACKSTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY AJ Felemban BACKSTAGE FILMING Esrin Üsümüs & Kris van Loon LOGO DESIGN Emmanuel A. Ryngaert POSTER DESIGN Daniel van Hauten SCREENPRINTING Janus P. Lemaire SET BUILDER Sjeng Schelinx & Rickie Schellinx LOCATION AND EQUIPMENT SET UP Wendy Randschilders & Marthe Randschilders & Paul Frijns & Tom Gossen & Mick Wiertz & Ischka Dichter LOCATION Gasometer, SPHINXKWARTIER MAASTRICHT EQUIPMENT Budgetcam & Tech2Care & Bo-rent ACTORS Tarik Moree & Florian Myjer & Annelieke Holland& Anna Luka Da Silva & Marieke de Zwaan & Kendrick Etmon & Tim Olivier Somer & Luca Tichelman Anthony van Gog & Diederik Kreike & Maxime Dreesen & Rosanne Groenendijk & Sheeyla Gerard & Emmanuel Ohene Boafo & Annelotte van Aarst & Nathalie Roux SPECIAL THANKS Branko Popovic & Elisa de Wyngaert & Lara Coomans & Joost Horward & John Franzen & Ben Graaf & Astrid Schäfer & Jan Dirk Franzen & Louisa Spaans WITH SUPPORT FROM MoMu-ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen Cinedans & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam & Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie & Fonds Podiumkusnten & Fonds 21 IN THE FRAMEWORK OF Act! Cut! Play! AN INITIATIVE FROM Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond IN COLLABORATION WITH WEDOVOODOO.TV & FASHIONCLASH Follow us everywhere! "This WEDOVOODOO.TV production was based on fact. Any similarity with fictitious events or characters was purely coincidental."
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