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guess i'm just another dreamer


sleeping beauties


landwehrkanal - inconsiderable, yet so magical


canal moods & canal thoughts:

leaves on the canal ; golden our on the canal ; esrin & twin on canal ;

same spot different day ;

snow on canal

canal 02.png

Light blue sky in heavy blue water, I see so many stars.

I find it deeply interesting to capture the reflections in the canal. They lie quiet, but at the same time there is nothing to hide.

Just clear mirror reflections of what’s happening around.
I tried to capture my own reflection, but couldn’t lean over the railing that far. Guess I’m hiding something, that’s not ready yet to be discovered.

golden hour canal 02.png
reflection esrin.png

Hello, it’s me.
And I’ve grown a twin on the opposite side of the water. Next time I’ll take the bridge to the other side and together we’ll walk along the canal.
It’s a date!

Golden hour covering the tiny waves. The wind is ice cold as it hits my face. Brainfreeze for a moment; until body warmth and icy ambience embrace each other.

canal mood.png

Canal Moods

Same spot, different days. The mood of the canal shifts with the moods surrounding it.
Sun and no sun. Warm and not so warm. Longer day and shorter day.


one fake snowflake.

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