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Sometimes I also make videos.


This is an experimental short film, which deals with the 5 steps of grief:






We see a character going through these steps, but he is not dead nor alive anymore. Where are we in between life and death anyway and what is happening there?

cast: Wibke Lange, Simon Bus

director: Esrin Uesuemues

dop: Daniel van Hauten

sound: Marvin Setzer

music: Subp Yao

light: Wibke Lange

edit: Esrin Uesuemues

>>Esrin in Tanzania<<

Documentary shot in Tanzania about how  individuals from a small community are making big steps to tackle plastic pollution.

director: Esrin Uesuemues

producer: Tupokigwe Mwalubanda

dop: Abubakar Yusuf, Frank Paul, Esrin Uesuemues

sound: Adelhelma Mkinga

music: Marc Mahfoud

edit: Esrin Uesuemues, Iddy Nonga

interviews: Isakwisa Mbyale

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